IFI Industrial Deluge System™

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Product Overview

The IFI Industrial Deluge System™ uses the patented IFI fog and rotor technology and is designed to help prevent explosions and contain fires and fuel around electric transformers and in chemical or industrial plants that manufacture, transfer, or ship, LPG, JP4, JP5 fuel, or other petroleum and chemical products. Industrial deluge systems can be manually activated or connected to sensors that will automatically turn on the deluge system nozzles as soon as a threat is detected.

The IFI industrial Deluge System™ is installed in "hot spot" areas such as pump, transfer, and transmission stations, as well as around electric transformers. The IFI industrial Deluge System™ produces superior protection with a minimum water pressure of 50 PSI to a maximum pressure of 300 PSI. These nozzles can be purchased in sets or a complete installation quote can be completed at the customer's request.

  • Unsurpassed ability to control and contain fire and fuel, while reducing the possibility of explosions
  • Provides outstanding protection to valuable assets outside the deluge system area, like electric substations, distribution pump and transfer stations and valve platforms
  • Only nozzle that creates a five layer, 30 foot uncompromised fog pattern using a proprietary rotor
  • Easy Maintenance. Just remove the tips and flush the nozzles out to remove particulates
  • Flows Water and Foam
  • Proudly made in America! The highest quality construction, using only the best material
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